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Sabich at Duke Street Food and Drink Market

By 20th May 2021 June 18th, 2021 No Comments

Duke Street Food and Drink Market welcomed a new kitchen when it reopened on Monday 17th May.

Sabich – a new casual food concept created by the team behind Maray – offers exceptional sandwiches, rotisserie chicken and delicious sides all of which have been inspired by Middle Eastern flavours and dishes.

Named after the concept’s signature sandwich, Sabich is a mouthwatering combination of aubergine, eggs, tahini, and amba, served in a soft, pillowy pitta.

A welcome addition to the market, Duke Street was incredibly excited for Sabich to open and for guests to try its variety of delicious dishes, and Propel PR thoroughly enjoyed creating the press release around the delicious dishes and securing 12 pieces of coverage for both Duke Street Market and Sabich.

The new concept adds to the variety of kitchens that the market is home to which includes Cuban-inspired Cahita, Italian Cucina Di Vincenzo, seafood specialist Kelp, Asian-inspired Ginger and steakhouse kitchen Bone and Block.

Sabich’s succulent and juicy rotisserie chicken is another menu staple; slowly cooked in its signature harissa butter marinade, and served in either a baguette with chicken shmaltz aioli, pickles and slaw, or as a quarter/half/whole chicken with a selection of sides including tahini, zhug, pickles, turmeric eggs, amba and pitta bread.

Sides at Sabich are the perfect accompaniment to its hero rotisserie chicken or Sabich sandwich and include hummus, rotisserie-cooked baba ganoush, cauliflower bhajis and sweet potato wedges.

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