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Tasked with raising Mason’s awareness, Propel PR focused on hosting a series of events to draw in the restaurant-bar’s target audience.

We organised and managed various initiatives including a Christmas Showcase that saw the agency invite key food bloggers and influencers to try samples of Mason’s Christmas menu, along with specially created cocktails to get everyone into the festive spirit.

To maximise coverage, we invited key journalists to enjoy a three course sit down meal which Propel PR hosted, informing press about the Christmas menu and various offerings to suit all from corporate parties to family dinners.

Mason’s really wanted to be recognised as a great destination bar and so we also hosted a cocktail masterclass in line with International Gin and Tonic in October and invited key local influencers with great followings to create a social media buzz around the bar’s Instagramable cocktails.

Propel PR also delivered a series of positive news coverage, pushing various offerings from its 7ft screen showcasing football games and Christmas films, to its Valentine’s Day dinner for two or Galentine’s Disco Brunch and Sunday roast launch.

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